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Healthy choices you can't go wrong with:

apple slices with peanut butter

celery sticks with peanut butter


raw almonds

Greek yogurt


cheese slices/cubes

chicken strips grilled

hard boiled eggs

raw nuts

protein bars

avocado slices


veggies (all kinds)

beef jerky

deer bologna



blend 4 oz. of water,

2 scoops of protein powder,

1 yogurt of your choice, and a favorite fruit.


Wrap Bites:

1 romaine lettuce leaf. fill with tuna and sweet relish. roll up and eat.


Protein shake:

4 oz. of water or milk.

4 oz. of Greek yogurt.

1 cup of strawberries.

2 scoops of protein powder.  ice (if you like)


Lunch meat rolls:

3 big slices of lunch meat. 1 slice of cheese. one slice of avocado. *layout flat and start from one end. roll tight, toothpick it and slice into pieces. store in refrigerator in tight container.



Basketball is a highly intense sport that requires its players to have speed, agility, and power throughout the game. The peak energy level needed for basketball can be maximized with good hydration and nutrition pre- and post-court.


Promote Hydration —

“The 3 Pointer”

A common cause of early fatigue during

exercise is dehydration. Each athlete should

have his or her own individual sports bottle.

Drinking cool, flavored fluids, like sports

drinks, encourages more drinking and helps

athletes replenish fluid losses. Research shows

that losing as little as 2% of body weight

(3 lbs for a 150-lb athlete) can affect a player’s

performance. In fact, when playing at a

2% level of dehydration, players can experience

a 10% to 15% decrease in shooting percentage

during a game.


Pre-Court Fuel

Basketball players need guidance on what to

eat before they train or compete. The pre-event

meal is important because it keeps the athletes

from feeling hungry, helps the athlete prepare

mentally for competition, and provides fuel

and fluids to the muscles. Each athlete needs

to experiment to identify which foods feel best,

both physically and mentally. Here are a few tips

to consider when planning a pre-event meal:



Youth & Teen Basketball Nutrition

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